Cy: Western Decline-&-Fall.

13 Dec

Betty Anderson was just on CNN with the program called Going Green. We saw the shots of the stone city built by the Kmer whose civilisation died as the canals silted up.

The suceeding generations of Kmers that benefitted from the infrastructure, built by the engineers of the founding years, wasted their time with too much worship, aka utter nonsense, and not enough work.

How can we humans, any place, any time, any culture, and especially the West right now, preserve the best parts of social and technological heritage from crime in government and business, and gradual dissolution?

We need to combat the stupid and abusive psychopaths and gangsters who call themselves priests and politicians, as they posture in the glory of, and impose stasis upon, the past achievements of their superiors.

We can only hope that when China is rich and powerful, and its democracy is perfected, and the new Number One nation takes over, that she will somehow restore the best of the (once USA-led) West.


One Response to “Cy: Western Decline-&-Fall.”

  1. Vincent January 3, 2010 at 6:04 am #

    I wish MY money was in Yuan. The Pound is STILL depressed by 25%. My one hope is that Tory-boy will win the next election. He may f*ck up Britain, but the damn Pound should rise…

    Of course, I’ll feel sorry for my friends back in The Old Country – but with the Recession AND the Pound’s crash, I’m HURTING, here!

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