Faith -a childish thing to be put away.

25 Dec

A nice person likes to think the best of people, including parents and traditional cultures. Nice people find it tough to give up their nonsense about a guy in the sky.

Indoctrinated as children, these nice people of faith do not wish to believe that big-sugar-daddy-on-high has committed the unpardonable sin of not existing, of being a hoax. So, in secular Europe, they do not mention the matter in everyday business. In USA, of course, life is so good for so many that the garbage gets by. Such a sucker as these believers, once, was I.

While “at least Jesus loves me” is a credible comfort, “God is love” is an obvious non-starter. Yet believers, filled with fear of the unknown, fiercely shut their minds to doubt.

Daddy thistle-caster’s roast lamb deal was fatuous. Letting sonny get pinned to a tree, as the new deal, is similarly ludicrous. And the self-styled ‘loving’ Daddy’s sitting by, even for a nano second, let alone millenniums, whilst innocents suffer is odious, loathsome, and despicable. Yet a believer wriggles and dodges, blurting the rotten old lie “It is my fault. I deserve it!”.

There is not, I suggest, a single human of healthy mind who would not, given for a mere millisecond the mythical ‘divine’ power of knowing all and having power over all, end all suffering in the cosmos. Yet sky-guy, it is alleged, sits by saying “see what you made me do”. Any new born baby does better than the supposed cos-boss.

The salvation package deal is a crock. You would think that even vile carnies, internet scammers, Wall Street thieves, or bonus-sucking banker spivs, would have a tough fight with their consciences before daring to proffer such a stack of manure!

Hello! Sky-Guy does not exist! He aint THERE! Quit ignoring the internal inconsistency of your beliefs! Walk out of your mental prison! Find a fresh abode called Reason…

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