A Blessing in Thin Disguise. Tax marijuana…

6 Jan

…was the title of a box piece in a recent issue of Rolling Stone magazine. It was about the happy-herb cannabis-sativa aka marijuana. Believers can argue fruitlessly whether it was part of “the original perfect creation” or “the curse”. I say that our honourable ancestors are to be thanked for discovering this easer of pain and angst. Here is a quotation:

“What’s California’s top cash crop? If you answered ‘Marijuana’ then you understand why politicians from the debt-hobbled Golden State are eager to start taxing… …and why law-makers nationwide are re-thinking the marijuana prohibition.

“Stephen Gutwillig, California state director for the drug policy alliance, says:

” ‘It is time to end the charade of marijuana prohibition, regulate the $14-billion-a-year market and redirect law enforcement to more important matters…’ “

See also the Prohibition Page on the sidebar.


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