Repeal Prohibition of leisure drugs.

6 Jan


…was the title of a box piece in a recent issue of Rolling Stone magazine. It was about the happy-herb cannabis-sativa aka marijuana.

“What’s California’s top cash crop? If you answered ‘Marijuana’ then you understand why politicians from the debt-hobbled Golden State are eager to start taxing… …and why lawmakers nationwide are rethinking the marijuana prohibition.”

Stephen Gutwillig, California state director for the drug policy alliance, says:

“It is time to end the charade of marijuana prohibition, regulate the$14-billion-a-year market and redirect law-enforcement resources to more important matters… …this is a revenue opportunity we quite simply can’t afford to ignore any longer.”

For two decades I have made the point that self-righteous, blanket, know-all Prohibition has made a molehill into a mountain range and achieved no good at all, but counter-productively magnified evil.

There are alternative measures to tackle it. Knowing what we know now, and if we could go back in time to pre-Prohibition days, we would institute sane regulation and avoid blanket Prohibition like the plague.

Prohibition has enabled petty criminals to become hyper-wealthy violent rulers of estates, projects, and schemes. They are the next generation of fawned-upon aristocrats.

Adulteration and over-concentration has been caused by Prohibition.

Intimidatory pushing, especially onto children, has been driven by Prohibition.

Corruption of police and local licencing departments has been brough forth by Prohibition.

Prohibition has made inevitable the violent fund-raising of robbery, burglary, shop raiding, and extortion.

Every user without a regular income becomes a pusher, under the insane and devastating social experiment.

Intelligent Regulation would involve a separate chain of shops for each poison and the shop front would be blank like a pornography shop. Posters inside would give facts, not fantasies, about the effects of the drug.

The product would come in a plain package, with no brand names allowed. Zero advertising/promotion would be allowed.

Whilst the rule of the stubborn fool, sure of his or her rectitude, unable to see the coming complete fall of democracy and law & order, ego-tripping on the hunt, burbling endlessly about principle not practice, abides, we will have the present much-magnified version of alcohol Prohibition.

Under my tsardom, booze and fags would be included in the scheme. This is long overdue.

Jane Asher, who is a clear thinker on drugs policy, was insolently slagged-off on Sky News by her inferior Jon Gaunt. Simon Cable, reporter for Show Biz in Daily Mail, had quoted Jane Asher as saying:

“Anyone who pretends that the policies on drugs have worked is talking nonsense.”

Jon Gaunt evidently allies himself with Volstead, the idiot who pushed through US Prohibition of alcohol in 1922. It motivated violent petty criminals to seize the business. It multiplied the molehill-sized problem of booze into a Rocky-Mountain-sized social catastrophe. It enabled thugs to become mega-wealthy and mega-powerful corrupters of police & politicians.

Would Jon Gaunt also have allied himself with those who thought that Prohibition of prostitution, abortion, homosexuality, and pornography would end some evil aspects associated with these sordid social phenomena? Weak humans were forced, if they sought such services, to hand their business to ruthless and unprincipled people.

The same thing is now happening to the entire West as happened to USA after the Volstead Act in 1922. Do you, dear reader, ally with Volstead and Gaunt? Is escalation of the so-called drugs war your solution? It is failing. Worse: it is destroying us. You will see it if you cease to parrot trite precept and one-size-fits-all assumption, and check REALITY.

Let me run over this again, for those of you who have a problem thinking straight. We need to

(1) restore the legal situation to what it was before Prohibition and then
(2) instal INTELLIGENT REGULATION which ought to have been enacted in the first place and
(3) slowly repair the horrendous damage done by fatuously-bleating and posturing echo-men like Volstead and Gaunt.

Intelligent Regulation, which ought to be extended to cover alcohol and niccotine, should incorporate the following:

No brand names, and no glamorous packaging, but instead plain manilla labels, with scientific definition in black print. Plain deposit-charged bottles for the booze obviously.

No sale in supermarkets, convenience stores, or any other outlet whatsoever other than Government-licenced specialist premises with blank store-fronts (like porn shops), and with only small indentity notice over doorways (like “J Sainsbury Licenced to sell…”)

The poison/junk/drug stores would have offset entrances (like public loos) and pigeonhole service, with the queueing area displaying large-print clear and concise FACTS (not simplistic, self-righteous assumptions and allegations) about the harm, the whole harm, and nothing but the harm that, if you are so ill-advised as to consume the beguiling happy herbs, can or will accrue to you.

No outlet to sell more than one class of poison so: baccy store, wine store, beer store, liquor store.

In the newly de-criminalised poisons: cannabis store, coca store, poppy store, other-junk store, the merchandise is so compact that 95% of the store’s floor space would comprise the entry area filled with the fact presentation, posters and video screens, giving customers a chance to think again.

An adult, who has been state-educated in the facts of the real world (un-restricted by religious prejudice) will best serve and fit society if given the right to choose whether to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or, by getting high as a kite, tolerate them as long as the mortal coil abides.

It is far too late to stop civilisation from hurtling over the Gaderine heights. We have been in Prohibition freefall for some time now. Mexico and many chaotic states lie broken and dying on the rocks below. In England, the same situation OBTAINS NOW in our public housing areas.

A friend (60-odd) is terrorised by her son (40-odd) into handing over all her money. She is in debt to soft-hearted friends. Bills are piling up. He has done time for burglary, and has been in mental hospital. She wants him to leave but he insists on staying under her roof.

He stole her grandson’s new school uniform (before the boy even had time to proudly wear it once) for drugs money ten years ago. The boy had showed promise, had won First Aid qualifications, and had served in armed forces cadets. Same deal: he now demands money every benefit day until it is all gone.

Why cannot my friend’s OTHER son shop the family bullies to the cops? Because

(1) he used to sell medical-standard herb, and because
(2) he is dying of alcohol-induced liver disease having followed his favourite team all over Europe for some years.

HIS son dearly desired to become a police officer, and did his cadet-ship, but for some reason the poor lad did not get accepted. He is one desolate dude.


Prohibition has led to adulteration and unpredictable strength of the junk. It has driven the development of many dangerous chemical substitutes.

BEFORE Prohibition, things were a matter of concern. They needed to be dealt with, and regulated by the medical profession, and in the framework of the laws governing shops.

AFTER Prohibition, things became Hell on Earth. Thank-you loud mouth Pharisees and Poseurs. Like we needed your knee-jerk expertise.

Intellectually-disadvantaged preachers of false-assumption and received-wisdom, such as David Raynes, head of National Drugs Prevention Alliance, are well-intentioned but are leading us ever further darkwards into the valley of the shadow of death, where evil-men (enabled by Prohibition to become billionaires), flourish, and rule our lives.

Pumping the chest of an unconscious victim at the scene of an accident can seem like a good idea to the well-meaning passer-by. But if the victim’s ribs are snapped, the well-intentioned act will likely puncture lungs & heart, so, by the time that medical expertise arrives, it is all over. Such metaphor is never perfect so, to put it plainly: Prohibition is COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE.

Prohibition CAUSED all the trouble that comprises the ‘drugs war’.

To bask in repulsive assurity of rectitude, burbling “I thank thee, Lord, that I am not as these drug addicts” and to automatically assume that ratchetting up the Prohibition (like so much napalm and agent orange) will fix the social break-up or “win the war”, is to be an unwitting force in support of evil.

Those who assert that de-criminalisation/Repeal would result in more people taking drugs are out of touch. Most people who take drugs were pressured into it in the school yard, or the school corridor, or the street, UNDER THE RULE OF YOUR BELOVED PROHIBITION, pea-brains! Wake up, Jon and David, my sunshines, and support the Real World’s ONLY solution.

If people (weak and stupid as they be) in free countries, could buy happy herbs at prices as reasonable as those of booze and fags from shops, as respectable and regulated as the Big 4 supermarkets, with accurate advice on the spot, the violent, remorseless, unprincipled thugs would be shut out. It would take time, but the market would become controlled, and crime for drugs money would be a Hellish scourge removed.


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