Harry Reid faces facts. Barak Obama is pretty.

10 Jan

Harry Reid was correct in saying that Barak Obama was acceptable and electable ONLY because he was user-friendly to the minds of pink-skinned voters like me.

All throughout my childhood, teens, twenties, thirties, forties and even fifties, Barak Obama would have had no chance. Only now in my sixties have sufficient older generations died out that Barak Obama had no problem. But nobody should kid themselves. We are not all the way yet.

The President’s genes include African input as well as European. Does this mean that any non-pink-skinned person will now have no problem in being psychologically accepted by pink people as human? And by his or her non-pink fellows as presidential material? It does not. Harry Reid was tuned in to the negative trigger. Cafe-au-lait people know it too. It is all in the nose.

Barak’s nose is not the subjectively-perceived brutish, psychologically-alarming West African wide, but rather the East African neat. And his skin is not the frightening black in which emotions are difficult to read, but rather the enviable cafe-au-lait of yummy Hollywood A-list actors.

Parents, belonging to the so-called ‘black’ population, seek light-skinned partners to wed their daughters for a good reason. In terms of pulse, skin-conductivity, and pupil-dilation, they react to REALLY black EXACTLY as do pink-skinned people like me:

Whoa! A monster! I cannot read his face! What fearsome and implacable purpose lurks in that eboniacal darkness? Oh, honourable ancestors, be with me and preserve me in thy heavenly presence in this my hour of peril!

We should all admit this, or we are self-deceiving fools.

The President is an intelligent and articulate man. This was not enough, given that it is so few years since Civil Rights! He needs other stuff:

His nose is OK, and his skin colour is cafe-au-lait. His ancestry obviously includes genes from (East) Africa as well as Europe. This is actually an advantage in these days when planet Earth seems smaller and smaller. But had his nose been wide in the West African style, and had his skin been black, he would not have made it.

The facts is that, in this mass-media saturated society, and culture, it is decided that non-beautiful is distasteful. Joseph Jackson hated his own face. Unforgivably, he made his son Michael hate his own face too.

And us pinks are not called ‘honky’ for nothing. Many pink schnozzes are a comical agglomerate like lumps of well-used plasticine on the first-grade play table. Durante used his as an advantage. I was fazed by mine when I first saw my profile at age 15, thinking it to be unacceptably big. It is just the way it is.

Only the loonies of the far Left, including those in the news media, are attacking Harry Reid for speaking the truth. The rest of us face facts.

As for accents and dialects, I evolved beyond my Yorkish oik a long time ago, but I can put it on for comic effect, as can Obama his particular street talk.


One Response to “Harry Reid faces facts. Barak Obama is pretty.”

  1. Jay Stuart January 10, 2010 at 8:44 pm #

    I agree with this writer. However the West African Wide is a generalization. I notice the women in the Brong Ahfoe Region of Ghana do have the wide but there were more with the Narrow in Ashanti Region. Just an observation.

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