Hello! Yanks! Red = Left! Blue = Right!

11 Jan

In his show tonight, Glenn Beck had a graph.

The blue line showed the number of jobs in the private enterprise world of producing goods.

Get it? Private = Conservative = Blue.

The red line showed jobs in the public sphere with wages paid out of taxes.

Get it? Public = Socialist = Red.

Where the blue line suddenly drops off, the red line trends up.

At last: a TV opiner and commentator who gets the colours correct!


Blue is conservative pro-private spending).

Red is socialist (pro-public spending).

Never mind Charles Dickens and “Are we Orange or Green, Daddy?” “Neither, son. We are people.”

Established protocols of political reporting cannot be thrown out at a whim. Either use colours to mean what we understand them to mean, or abandon them altogether and use text labels on election, and poll, results charts.


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