Spell-Check kills Creativity.

14 Jan

FROM Vincent

Speaking of WordPress, while I applaud their new SpellChecker being clearer – and not disappearing after a few seconds – I’m not so happy about the “better English” addition. While some people admittedly have trouble stringing three words together grammatically, I write CREATIVELY – and sometimes, you have to sacrifice good grammar for EFFECT.

F’rinstance, any comedy writer will tell you that it’s best to get the funny word at the END of the sentence, for PUNCH – even if it does mean sacrificing grammar. Like – “My husband is so dumb, he bought a pet zebra – and called it spot!” The joke word is RIGHT at the end – and it’s a punchy single-syllable word, to boot. The perfect one liner (I got it from Diller).

Of course, I’m not complaining – anything that helps people write proper is good. But for the likes of us – it’s better to IGNORE the pieces underlined in blue and green (I think) and just concentrate on those underlined in RED (misspellings) – to avoid making prats of ourselves.

I did a new piece – on Chuck Barris – today. When I SpellChecked it, it turned up an error that was in fact a dropped char – and a NUMBER of “grammatical errors”. Like a berk, I checked the details on one of their flaggings – and realised it was like commenting on one of Fox News’ shortcomings.

Like the man said, “Never argue with an idiot – people may not be able to tell which is which.” And it’s true; get drawn in and they drag you down to their level! Thus it is with WordPress’ “grammar corrector” – if you follow their instructions, your STYLE will get EVISCERATED!



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