Scientific-Spiritualism is Natural Afterlife.

16 Jan

When discussing the vile effects of most faiths, both mono and multi theist, throughout human history, the suggestion is often made that people of limited intellect (B stream), cripples, or children with terminal disease, NEED faith in an afterlife (which is the raison d’être of religion).

Certainly, the person who has every reason to anticipate a happy and fulfilling life, is better off free from faith. But if I were in a position of leading people in a post-apocalyptic culture I would teach B-stream folk the Scientific Spiritualism lie, and A-streamers the what-you-see-is-what-you-get truth.

Scientific Spiritualism also known as Natural Afterlife supposes that the animal mind is actually an energy field that continues to exist after the brain which generated it dies. The belief conveniently speculates that the ex-corporeal being, or free-riding pattern of consciousness, rides away from Earth on the solar wind and off through the cosmos.

Please go to my Page named Scientific Spiritualism on my Sidebar for the remainder of this speculative piece.


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