WMD Chemical Ali. Red Obama. Ronnie/Maggie.

26 Jan

Chemical Ali used one of Sadam Hussain’s weapons of mass destruction on Kurdish families, 500 died one day in a village. Now he has been terminated by the snap of the neck as a trapdoor opened and a rope neck-tie stopped him as he dropped. I support mass killings, but only if it is bad guys. Lest you think I am self-righteous, I repeat, I am happy to join the candidates for deletion.

Diane Sawyer on abc news chatted with Barak Obama and he wore a red tie. Lots of British Labour Party politicians and union leaders wear red ties. It symbolises their allegiance to the working class. This loyalty is still needed because, despite the fact that  the old gangster class of land-grabbers calling themselves aristocrats is almost dismantled, there is a new class of gangsters abusing the worker.

Yes, there are good guys who rise from the ranks through giving a product or service of quality, sometimes genius, whilst offering employees good conditions and fair pay. But there are also spivs who rise from the ranks only to grow rich through swindling customers and abusing workers.

No matter how much TV news-people in USA try to persuade us that red is for Republican (conservative) and blue is for Democrat (progressive) I will stick to the traditional colour code. Nice tie Mister President. By the way, I loathe and detest the loony-Left just as much as I despise and revile the rabid-right. I am a militant moderate in the middle, supporting the best of conservative and progressive.


One Response to “WMD Chemical Ali. Red Obama. Ronnie/Maggie.”

  1. Vincent January 30, 2010 at 9:59 am #

    Radical moderates unite! The claim is that the colors (did you see what I did there?) were chosen at random, the first time a US election was held after color (again) TV became established. But I suspect that, as usual, the Yanks just HAVE to do everything opposite to us Brits!

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