Boscombe surf reef con trick.

31 Jan

Everybody now agrees that the Bournemouth Borough Council, who spent millions of quid for the so-called “surf reef”, which was supposed to accentuate any wave there was, were conned. A company from New Zealand successfully convinced the Bournemouth council Tourist and Finance departments that Boscombe could be like Bude, or some beach in Hawai, Florida or California. They are SO easy to con because they are products of modern schools and unfit for any job. They are living in a dream.

One Response to “Boscombe surf reef con trick.”

  1. stunning February 1, 2010 at 5:12 am #

    Right on! Smile at a Bournemouth councillor and they get out the chequebook -biggest mugs on the planet. The builders at one stage said “oops we gotta go, maybe not back 4 a while” the council said -will $300k get you back? Just like the Simpsons monorail episode watch it on youtube. a classic and used in textbook fashion by the builders marketing team!

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