Second-hand smoking…

9 Mar

In response to Vincent: second-hand smoke can indeed harm your health if you are stuck in an enclosed space in a blue haze for long enough. I did bar-tender for only two years, 1966-1967, and bus conductor (when upstairs smoking was allowed) for only four months, 1966, so I was OK. I used to have a violent headache after going to the pictures in the evening in the 1940s and early 1950s, before TV reduced the audience.

Oh, and I smoked first hand for only a couple of years 1964-1966 (maximum ten a day). I made it worse by, perversely, sniffing up the smoke, not puffing at the mouth, unless I was in company. The defence of us ex-smokers, and of non-smokers, from the smoke of other people is, of course, taken too far. But, as guy who enjoys the resultant smoke-free environment, I am saying nothing…


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