Cameron. Clegg. Hoi is Ulster? UDI for England!

12 May

You remember the song “The Campbells are coming”. They were  Scotland’s biggest and most powerful clan. Those days are passed now, and in the past they must remain.

David Cameron is our new Prime Minister. Clan Cameron was much smaller. Remember that clans are the same as gangs. The aristocracy, English or Scottish, were simply gangsters aka grabbers. As generations pass, they became frightfully gentile; big deal, not!

I favour independant nationhood for Scotland and Wales. I favour a 32-county Ireland with the Protestants cleaning up the mess made by centuries of Vatican violence.

I especially favour separate nationhood for England. We could do a UDI. That is: unilaterally declare independence for England. Let the so-called Celtic fringe thin out of our Anglia.

I wistfully yearn, for example, for a lack of Ulster accents on Sky TV. Sorry, but it bugs me no end as Eamon Holmes (very fine anchor) makes such silly remarks as for example “and noi, hoi are things” (in Downing Street or wherever).

What a master-stroke by Gordon Brown to exit Downing Street as a family! If there is an afterlife, Gordon will have a new left eye, and a new set of lungs, so he does not have to peer, and gulp air. If Rugby players were really tough guys, they would play bare-foot so that no eyes could be gouged out.

I have always dug David Cameron, the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Ditto Nicholas Clegg who represents amost as many voters as does his full coalition partner.

I liked Cameron’s first conciliatory, pro-cooperation overture when he became Tory leader. I disliked, and was disappointed by, Brown’s immediate put-down referring to some supposed indiscretion of Cameron when he was young. I look forward to a new atmosphere, now that Cameron and Clegg are at the dispatch box.


One Response to “Cameron. Clegg. Hoi is Ulster? UDI for England!”

  1. Vincent May 12, 2010 at 1:10 pm #

    I hope it works out – for the sake of my FINANCES, if nothing else!

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