Erosion & upthrust makes danger. Fix it!

5 Jun

Cliffs, someone said, are half eroded hills. They are a deadly danger and ought to be bevelled off at a gentle slope. The same goes for mountains. The judgement of any person who defends these untidiness is immature.

True beauty is seen in a level garden, filled partly with vegetables and fruit, and partly with flowers. There should be no hard stone features or ponds. Let children safely play.

In Poole/Bournemouth area, the authorities in the 1970s made a start at bevelling the cliff, making it safe. But environmentalist and conservationist subversives lobbied to stop the good work. Dangerous cliffs still remain to tempt fools.

Humankind will not have made a good start at husbanding of Earth until all the tectonic damage and erosion are cleared to a safe flatness. Until then, our resources, both in civil engineering capabilty, and in collective social wisdom, fall disgracefully short of the need.

The author of Genesis (Moshe, not an imaginary guy in the sky) made a start. He spoke of husbanding Earth. My mother (who believed in a Creator, a caster of thorns and thistles) stood in a lay-by on Highway 1 in the big sticky up Canadian Rockies in 1968 and asked “What are they FOR?”

There is no designed purpose on Earth because there is no designer. We, however, can see the potential. We need to quarry these ugly sticking-up monstrosities completly flat. With any rock surplus to building needs, we can fill fiords.

Safety comes first. Unhealthy excitement and risk-taking comes nowhere at all IF we are to be sensible.

Sadly, despite the fact that I myself am guilty of admiring high-rise buildings, from cathedrals and office blocks, they do need to be cut down to one level, including dwellings.

Some see scenery. I see work to be done. Every valley shall be exhalted. Every mountain and hill laid low. Why should sky guy have all the best tunes?


One Response to “Erosion & upthrust makes danger. Fix it!”

  1. Vincent June 5, 2010 at 12:05 pm #

    I grew up in flat, featureless, BORING Suffolk – so I LOVE big sticky-up landscapes. I used to drive over 600 miles non-stop to holiday in the N.W. Scotland heelands. Just me, an estate car and a sleeping bag (camping OUTSIDE is MADNESS! – Spike was right about fishing, too).

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