Blog subscription snag: first draft butts in.

6 Jun

FROM Vincent

Here’s an interesting thing. I have discovered that the “heads-up” e-mails from our scribblings are the FIRST DRAFTS.

I always put my first draft of a new piece straight UP and then fine tune it. Only this way can one see what it’ll LOOK like on the site. This is important, since the COMPOSITION (positioning of the characters) can help or hinder the appearance of it.

Indeed, I often CHANGE a perfectly good word because it FITS better (OCD twit that I am).

Of course, if a piece is accessed as a ONE-OFF (due to the reader arriving at it through a link) the composition sometimes changes a little bit.

I tend to write personal letters the way I write posts – with care and corrections.

So by the time my piece is finished it has often changed somewhat from the first draft. But any reader who just reads the heads-up on their e-mail and does not visit our actual sites will get that FIRST DRAFT!!

But now I’ve discovered this shortcoming in an otherwise admirable service from WordPress, I’ll merely SCAN posts in my -mail, then click on the link – and trot off and read the FINISHED ARTICLE on the actual SITE!

Otherwise, it’s akin to seeing a reformer rehearse from the wings, instead of seeing their polished PERFORMANCE. I.e. – interesting perhaps, from an academic point of view – but not the proper deal.

Worth remembering.

There is a system on WordPress that allows one to SEE one’s work in normal type-face before it goes out – but if memory serves, the compositition is DIFFERENT from the way it appears on the actual site.

Just thought I’d let you know…


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