RNI is best of them all.

19 Jun

FROM Cy Quick

I have had the help of other Radio Free Plymouth (40 years ago!) friends to set up Radio Northsea International on my computer:


So I have an alternative to the selection on Sky Electronic Program Guide, which includes Gold, Caroline, Magic, Absolute Classic Rock, Planet Rock, and World Radio Network.


As you will no doubt be aware, after Caroline was towed away in 1968, we (provincial) free radio fans were left dismayed and downcast. London had Jackie etc. We oiks did our best with land-based free-radio Pop stations but it was not the same.

BBC Radios 1, and 2, were smoochy-poo as far the unthinking non-anorak suck-ups were concerned. But we seriously honourable anoraks rightly loathed and despised the Beeb product.

It was only when Johnny Walker himself, driving a truck, was forced by desperate economic circumstances to humble himself and beg the Beeb for a once-a-week spot, that we fans of the great man reluctantly tuned into the hated 247 metres.

How were the mighty 259, and 199, heroes fallen! When RFP interviewed poor old Johnnie at the Radio One Club show in Plymouth, mentioning his vow made over Radio Caroline South, from the Mi Amigo, in early 1968, never to work for the BBC, he could only say:

“I feel like a politician, actually, having all these quotes thrown at me”.

“I had to earn a living that’s all.”

We have long ago forgiven you, Sir John. As one 13-year-old girl (a member of the Johnny Walker Fan Club) lamented at Trafalgar Square in 1969 “He had to do it. I still like him, but I’m not a fan any more.” For us anoraks, like me, who, after all these years, have never succeeded in getting a life, and are perversely, defiantly, fiercely proud of it, I say: hey, we all need a hobby…

Still I hope that, one day, the Beeb (all except World Service radio, and BBC News world-wide TV) will be privatised on the free market, bought by Rupert perhaps, and all the loony-Left, Marxist-fascist luvvies dumped on the dole like so many ex-child-stars in Hollywood. Get on the cart, you poseurs!


The above link was sent me by Morpheus. It leads to wonderful things! Only click it and you will be able to go to other Morpheus treasure chests of Music and Movies.

-Cy Quick


One Response to “RNI is best of them all.”

  1. Mike Gray June 24, 2010 at 9:58 pm #

    Again very interesting. Nice to see RNI publicized like this. When listening online to RNI it’s easy to imagine the Mebo 2 is back again. WONDERFUL !!!!

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