Lewis Collins. Timothy Dalton.

22 Jun

FROM Vincent

I’ve spent all morning reading Lewis Collins’ life story. It makes slightly sad reading. He was a clever, hard-working and dedicated chap. But the stardom that should have been his was thwarted by that prat, Cubby Broccolli (what can one expect from a man named after a Hole and a Vegetable?) who just plain didn’t LIKE Lewis – and after Lewis’ audition, (mis)cast Timothy Dalton instead.

But now MGM is in financial doo-doo, so the whole franchise might finally be laid to rest (which is just as well with the deaths of “M”, Moneypenny, “Q”, Ken Adam [the big sets with the trademark descending circle in the ceiling] and Maurice Binder [title sequences] – not to mention the absence of John Barry, gadgets [you can BUY all of Bond’s PRACTICAL ones from Radio Shack now] and the inclusion of P.C. [Bond cannot smoke and only gets to shag one girl per film] – which the REAL Bond NEVER was!)

Plus the movie-biz’s love of prequels, the absence of any villains with CLASS – and how can you have a Bond-song when Pop/Dance DIED in 2003?

In this Style-free time – just let Bond DIE – okay?

And now they’ve put the opening “gun-barrel” sequence at the END of the movie. It was bad enough when they started putting title sequences between the end of the movie and the end credits – but the GUN-BARREL SEQUENCE TOO?

Words fail me. R.I.P. Mr Bond.



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