Vincent’s own line in time.

25 Jun

FROM Vincent

The Lennon piece was good.

Funny thing about “If only I’d…” Anything SIGNIFICANT in the past, done differently, would inevitably have changed more than just what the original error created.

I mean, if I’d answered that ONE ambiguous question in my Eleven-Plus exam differently, I’d probably have gone to a “better” school. But would the life leading from that have been more enjoyable than the one I have had?

Probably not.

Life is filled with choices. And my life has been filled with pith and moment – and I am happy NOW.

If I’d gone to Northgate, I might have become a merchant banker and, following recent financial reversals, be DEAD now!

I think one has to follow one’s timeline and make the best of it. And if one finds oneself having gone down a blind alley, just reverse and change course. Then KEEP changing course until one gets it right.

Gets it right by one’s OWN standard – not society’s. Has a happy life without leaving TOO much debris in one’s wake. And at least LEARNS from one’s mistakes.

Regrets, I’ve had a… LOAD!!!



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