Bill O’Reilly & Glen Beck parrot drugs crap.

28 Jun

Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck of Fox News Channel are heroes to many. But do they stand the test and LEAD when a REALLY tough issue is raised?

Or, does such a type prove to be just another skull-full of echoes, wired up to a big mouth? Do you find you have to switch off in disappointment?

Forsaking the role of insightful innovator, the type appears, for example, to accept the conventional wisdom that passing a law to simply PROHIBIT the use of happy herbs (discovered by our ancestors to ease the angst of life) will WORK.

Fifteen years ago, I read a Rolling Stone special issue by Jann Wenner and saw the light.

Intelligent Regulation of a DESIRABLE but DESTRUCTIVE habit was not even considered, let alone studied carefully.

Homosexuality, abortion, prostitution, pornography, and leisure drugs were naively outlawed. The last one is the only one still waiting to be de-criminalised and intelligently regulated.

Predictably, as with Volstead and alcohol, in 1922, the effect of blanket Prohibition, which has been ratcheted up over the decades, and the lack of intelligent regulation, has been counter-productive.

As efficiently as if it had been the intended result, Prohibition has caused:

criminals joyfully seizing the business

turf wars

the most violent thugs becoming hyper-wealthy

the take over of control of police and politicians

users burgling, mugging and shop-lifting to raise funds

young people being intimidated into trying stuff free (payment demanded later) and hooked…

The new aristocracy rule public housing. They rule developing countries. They are consolidating power in the West. Prisons are packed.

Prohibition of happy herbs led to the ruthless criminal type being left to grab the business that ought to be in the hands of regulated retailers.

Other results directly driven by Prohibition included adulteration, unpredictable strength. These are the routine results of thoughtless good intentions.

Repeal of Prohibition COULD NOT POSSIBLY lead to greater use, or greater danger to the young! If you think it could, WAKE UP!

What DO we do to reverse the Hell on Earth that the cosy, self-righteous, self-congratulating, profoundly ignorant bourgeoisie has created?

When you have a negative RESULT, you get RID of the CAUSE.

Prohibition CAUSED this mess. Only REPEAL can REMOVE it.

Then we have to build the intelligent regulation:

blank-front stores with no-sight-inside doorways

zero advertising or promotion

plain packaging with zero glamour

launch by the big four (efficient) supermarket chains, under state rules

clear and simple anti-drug facts (not lies) in the stores (and media)

separate blank-front stores for each poison: beers, wines, spirits, nicotine, cannabis, coca, poppy, mushroom, cactus (that is: no more booze and fags on open sale)


Anyone who opposes Repeal is an enemy of democracy, human rights, and law and order!

See also my Page, entitled Drugs Prohibition Repeal, on my sidebar…


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