Wake up! Existence 2 is here!

11 Jul

FROM Vincent

[Comment upon Stone Age After Life]

Excellent post, Sir!

For myself, I believe our conciousness only continues after death in the conciousness of those we have touched, through telepathy, in life.

But since that is diluted by the conciousness of the “host” conciousness – when our conciousness is passed on, it dilutes further.

Thus after two generations, our conciousness will have been diluted to trace elements. In other words: a hundred years after our death – we are GONE.

If we achieved fame through recordings, our IMAGE might remain – but NOT our conciousness (how well do YOU actually KNOW Bogart?)

Which is a relief. At 57, I would HATE to wake up after thinking I was in for The Big Sleep (did you see what I did there?) only to find myself in yet ANOTHER bloody existence!

By the way: for “conciousness” you can also read Soul, Karma, spirit, etc., etc…



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