People reach UP to good TV.

13 Jul

[RESPONSE to: “TV staff are all low-grade stuff now”]

FROM Vincent

When I read the top of your piece where the caption had read “phased” – I thought, “Bollocks! It’s FAZED!” And then YOU went on to say the SAME!

It’s a tricky one – continuity announcers. One day, one announced – as the credits were winding over the shot of a field, at the end of a GOOD Fifties British ‘B’ movie, which featured the End Of The World (everyone gone, except for the central character) – “Well, it’s reassuring to see the traffic still bombing down the North Orbital!”

And he was RIGHT – if you looked closely, you COULD see that traffic. And the film (whose title unfortunately escapes me) had been VERY suspenseful – thus his remark (and its timing) made a nice little tension-breaker.

M’point is – he was a GOOD continuity announcer. But sadly, they are RARE these days. Most of them are oiks with “regional accents” who have the intelligence of a TREE-STUMP!

Yes, it’s the “dumbing down” of TV.

But in my experience, if you HAVE intelligence – and talk TO your audience (not DOWN to them) – most people will try to ELEVATE their intellect to REACH you.

This is evidenced by the BIG audience figures that often accompany programmes that require BRAINS to understand.

Give Joe Public some CREDIT and he may surprise you – a lesson LOST on TV execs of today.



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