Geckos, Solitary, South East Asia…

27 Jul

FROM Vincent

[Response to Outrageous Fortune]

I LIKE geckos. They have no brains whatsoever – but they LOOK cute. Unblinking – like tiny crocodiles – they sneak up on insects and… OUT comes the ridiculously long tongue.

“All the World’s queer – except me and thee. And even THEE’s a BIT queer.” Thus said someone-or-other, in the days when queer just meant odd.

But I know what you mean. Were I ever to be incarcerated, the first thing I would do would be ANYTHING that would get me locked up in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT – considered a PUNISHMENT by prison authorities – but for me, a blessed relief.

Of course, outside, the Prolls are more BEARABLE – some are actually quite nice. The great thing about Mensa was it allowed one to meet one’s PEERS.

I spent a number of years in a situation where I was surrounded by ORDINARY people. Those who saw the World in emotional terms. Who did not see it in its real, LOGICAL state. You know – MORONS.

So joining Mensa was for me a form of ESCAPE – to REALITY. A place which gave me redemption. Assured me I was right and everyone else was wrong (a concept which was difficult for one to swallow without SOME sort of reinforcement – unless one was SUPREMELY arrogant).

But even Mensa had its share of poncy prats (like Neil Matthews and Clive Sinclair) so eventually, I escaped AGAIN – this time, to S.E. Asia.

Here, people are more bearable than their cold, wet, miserable counterparts in Blighty (who match their WEATHER) but even Thai folks drive you mad with their silliness sometimes.

But then, where else can one go? Some become hermits – where the only person to talk to is of equivalent and similar intellect. But talking to oneself is like being a Tree That Falls In The Forest.

Thus, if one wishes to have intercourse – either social OR sexual – one just has to PUT UP with the vagaries and perculiarities of the Masses.

After all, it’s only fair. THEY have to put up with US…



One Response to “Geckos, Solitary, South East Asia…”

  1. Vincent July 27, 2010 at 10:15 pm #

    I have ISSUES with BOTH of those individuals – but then, I’ve said too much already!

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