Hotmail change for worse.

29 Jul

FROM Vincent

I DO wish they’d left the damn thing as it was. Tying e-mails together has its advantages – but it often makes it too busy, ties things you don’t WANT tying – and you can MISS e-mails. No WONDER OLD people preferred Windows’ OLD system.

Initially, I used to just use Windows – but then, it had PROBLEMS – like NO AUTOSAVE. Also, updates would barge in unannounced and KILL your work.

But these faults were FIXED (why didn’t they fix ’em BEFORE they launched?) after I transferred my prime e-mail address to Gmail. So now I use BOTH.

I also use THREE platforms – Windows (which almost collapsed, until I “reset” it) and Mozilla Firefox – and as a back-up: Google Chrome. And all have their ups and downs. F’rinstance, if you type an ADDRESS on WordPress or in an e-mail – on Mozilla – it doesn’t URL. Whereas it DOES on Windows.

But these situations CHANGE all the time. As a mild OCD-er I like consistancy and order – but I long ago realised the CONSTANTLY evolving systems on the Interweb don’t PERMIT that. You just have to do what I’VE ALWAYS done – be like the guy running through an unfamiliar forest – constantly dart left and right and try to avoid slamming into a TREE!

I use INSTINCT alone – and LUCKILY – it USUALLY works!



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