Virtual Flight. Cash In Early.

29 Jul

FROM Vincent

I recently took a “virtual” FLIGHT up Grand Canyon – courtesy of Google Earth (I accidentally discovered you can DO that now – although having a “joy-stick” helps – which I don’t). [At this point, a joke about my wife discovering me sitting at my computer with a joy-stick in my hand occurs – but I’ll leave it].

Anyhoo, the fact my life is pretty good right now – and I have DEPENDENTS – means I currently have no desire to Cash In Early. But if I DID – I can state categorically that PART of my reason for preferring a spectacular exit might be the GESTURE – but much of it would be that it would be QUICK.

And the still-echoing memory of a period where I suffered INCREDIBLE pain from a series of kidney-stones has turned me – as far as physical pain is concerned – into a craven COWARD!



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