Bombs empower the system.

30 Jul

FROM Vincent

[Response to  Post, from sometime back, called England lets slip the lead]

‘Tis strange that after all this time, folks still get hot under the collar about a bit of harmless nudity, when the REAL pornography is endemic – and State-Sanctioned.

I am speaking, of course, of war.

And not just the wars governments fight against other countries’ governments (and the squaddies who fight them had better not SMOKE – second-hand smoke can harm your health – except it CAN’T, of course) but the War every government fights against its OWN PEOPLE.

Not just the pointless “War On Drugs” – or the even more pointless “War On Terror” (the causes of which are GENERATED by those same governments) but the War Of Nerves, created by the ever-increasing amount of rules, restrictions and repressions visited on us in the name of Order.

And what can you do to fight it? Join a Left-Wing party? They are just a PART of the system. They won’t actually DO anything.

BECOME a terrorist? Bombs just kill and maim innocents and EMPOWER the bloody system.

No, my friend. All you can do is swop messages of despair between your intelligent and Worldly-wise chums – and keep your f**king HEAD down!



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