C Grean, K Williams, Adams F.

30 Jul

FROM Vincent

[Following the Post entitled Gloriously Phil Harris 1950…]

A p.s. to my Phil Harris – “The Thing” thing…

While the record credits “C.Grean” for the composition – he only supplied the LYRIC. The MELODY comes from MUCH further back. It took me some MORE brain-rattling to recall it – it’s a 1775-vintage English folk song called “The Lincolnshire Poacher”.

My aide memoir was a cod version done by Kenneth Williams as “Rambling Sid Rumpo” and a vague recollection of having to sing it in infant school – in the days when people still GAVE a damn about English heritage!

“C.Grean” sounds like a silly pen-name – but it turns out to be genuine. Charles Randolph Grean, in fact.

I wonder if the song inspired “Thing” – in the ’60s TV show, “The Addams Family”? It was certainly a thing (a hand) and it resided in a BOX.



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