First move to London…

30 Jul

FROM Vincent

[Responding to Post some time ago by Cy Quick called Jane Asher v John Gaunt]

When I first moved to London (1969) at almost 17 – I acquired a book called something like “Alternative London”. It gave advice to young people on how to survive in the Big City.

And it had a section on recreational drugs. Comprehensively and non-judgementally, it acknowledged they were part of The Scene and gave one all the info one needed to make an informed decision.

My decision, along with that of many, was to smoke hash and leave the other stuff well ALONE.

Now that hash is better and STRONGER, I’d love to smoke it again. But after THIRTY YEARS, the system is so DRACONIAN here in Thailand (thanks to pressure from The West – who, ironically, are now SLOWLY LEGALIZING IT) that I DAREN’T – I have to LIVE here!

But m’point is – your words (including that NAUGHTY one!) make sense – and should have been acted on DECADES ago.

This stupid World learns NOTHING from its past…



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