Glorious Phil Harris 1950

30 Jul

FROM Vincent

It’s amazing what you can find on the Interweb. I racked my brains to try to remember who sang that song – and what it was called.

At first I got side-tracked, when I thought it might have been a Perry Como piece (he did several novelty numbers – like “Glendora”) and so ran through his song titles.

There were HUNDREDS! It took a while to scroll through them and when I didn’t find anything, I STILL couldn’t be sure it weren’t him – since I didn’t know the title.

Then finally the curtain lifted. I remembered it was PHIL HARRIS! I checked HIS book (a lot SMALLER) and immediately recognised it as “THE THING” (1950).

I then looked it up in MY catalogue and discovered I HAVE it! It was a LATE ADDITION to my collection – which is why I didn’t know it straight away (I acquired most of my 78s as a KID – thus, then empty-brained, I recall ALL of THOSE).

I have no easy way of playing it here – but no NEED! Like I said, you can find ANYTHING (even THE Thing!) on t’Interweb.

For just the lyrics, click on or for the actual RECORD (WITH lyrics) click on

It’s a gloriously silly song. If you want it on your computer – just Google “Orbit free downloader” and install it. I don’t NEED to, ’cause I have the RECORD!



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