The Thing (Phil Harris). Derivative is default. Clapton.

30 Jul

Following the previous Post, named Gloriously Phil Harris 1950…

I am mighty thankful to Vincent for the name of the singer, Phil Harris, and the title of the song, The Thing,  the words of which I quoted to Matt le Spameur, in a recent Post named Spam is like: da-da-da-dat!

As you will see if you click the link provided by Vincent, I got the words quite a lot wrong. Vincent is a DJ, and has a massive library of records, as well as a magnificent juke box, and a vast store of memories and information in the cranium. It was terrific, a few minutes ago, to read them again.

However, I must dispute the boom-boom-boom line. The line was not a bass drum going boom-bbom-boom. It was definitely a door-knocker operated extremely fast going da-da-da-dat… 

I defy any music critic, even one in Rolling Stone magazine, to pretend that they are not impressed by that late-1940s to early-1950s Gimmick genre. John Landau in Rolling Stone magazine proved, when he socked Eric Clapton of Cream for being derivative, that words can hurt plenty. Eric fainted right away, and Cream immediately broke up.

Rolling Stone is mostly harmless.


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