Cleggy blew it -told you so.

1 Aug

FROM Vincent

Two months ago, this author penned TWO pieces on the British Hung Parliament. One was lower down THIS column

while the other was on my Zen brother’s column at

BOTH of the pieces warned Cleggy to tread CAREFULLY. Pointed out that this would be his ONLY chance to CHANGE Britain’s unfair two-party system of government – one in which the two main parties have spent nearly NINETY YEARS moving the “boundaries” around, thus ensuring Britain would REMAIN a two-party state.

This writer stated that if Cleggy formed a COALITION with either party, he and his party would be SIDE-LINED – ABSORBED by the larger party. This observer recommended a Bill-By-Bill arrangement.

Well, now we know what happened. Having been seduced by the post of Deputy Prime Minister – a NON-job with a fancy title (he gets to stand next to Cameron, looking like a partner in a gay marriage – guess who’s the WOMAN) while certain of his gang get other, lesser posts in Cameron’s Cabinet – he BLEW IT.

Oh sure, he has the promise of a REFERENDUM (see the piece way below) – but all he gets if he wins is a HALF STEP to Proportional Representation – the Alternative Vote system. And he WON’T win.

Part of the deal he thrashed out with Cameron was that the Tories will be free to campaign AGAINST the idea. And Labour (despite earlier promises to consider it) will, for once, join their opposite numbers in campaigning LIKEWISE.

So Cleggy hasn’t got a rat’s chance in HELL of winning that referendum vote – and when the bill crashes and burns, his already weak position will be weakened still further. He may even be forced OUT of office.

When smugbastard Cameron made his deal with Cleggy, he was no fool. He KNEW Britain will NEVER vote to change their lousy two-party system – they have had NUMEROUS opportunities to do so in the past.

This historian has the dubious distinction of RARELY being wrong when predicting BAD things and he confidently predicts that next year, Cleggy will LOSE the referendum – and with it, his one opportunity to finally break Britain FREE of its unfair two-party system – and quite possibly, his non-JOB.

Remember – you heard it here first…



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