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1 Aug


I just asked my husband The Historian whether history should be taught backwards. That was five minutes ago as I type, he is still answering me.

I think you are perfectly right: context gives us the wisdom to rule the world, so that’ll be useful. However as a journalist I’d have to say you’re only ever as good as your last story, and it’s an increasingly immediate world.

The cyber world, especially, seems to make time quicken its pace. I look at my first blog and grimace: I posted it up again by mistake yesterday, and three people looked at it, and I wish they hadn’t!!

The latest blog is the best written and most developed – but each day has its individuality and you miss the singularity of a moment if you bypass past blogs.

I’m rambling. Thanks for a great blog



…and now…


History taught backwards? I remember a 1994 (repeated 1997) Channel-4 TV doco where the famous writer Charles Nicholl traced the footsteps of the french poet, Arthur Rimbaud, through East Africa.

In this programme, “No Direction Home”, he said something like “History should be learned on foot, not just by reading books” Ten years later when I was trekking through West Africa I came to fully appreciate his comments.


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