Where happy ending? Go on pretending?

1 Aug

FROM Vincent

It IS a tricky one, that. On the one hand, one’s posts can tend to form a loose “story” – thus to put them in reverse order means that anyone running DOWN one’s column will experience something like reading a novel – where the chapters start at, say, 23 – and finish at 1.

But on the other hand, if they ran in chronological order, the reaction one did to a contemporary item of news would appear WAY down the bottom of one’s column – where the only people who’d be likely to read it would be those who came across the specific post on Google.

No easy answer to this one. Of course, if you WANT to have your pieces run in chronological order, you can change the DATE on each post before posting – from NOW, to ever-increasingly PAST dates.

The only problem with THAT – apart from your latest posts not getting so much traffic – would be the inappropriate dates on what were CURRENT pieces!



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