Underpaid cleaners of the night are slaves.

3 Aug

Jay sent me an Evening Standard story:

“The Dispossessed: Riding the 16h30 bus into town with London’s underpaid armies of the night…

“Minimum wage cleaners and security guards pack the N73 for shifts that are under way before most of us have sat down for breakfast…

“These jobs are filled by the capital’s working poor, people who, despite holding down a full-time position, remain in poverty because of their rock-bottom wages…

“Today there are more than 500 night buses, but aside from revellers returning home, they are predominantly used by the poorer members of society, many of them immigrants.”

The Evening Standard, sadly now a freebie, seeks to raise £1 million from its readers. The Government has pledged to match the sum raised, pound for pound, It is intended to distribute it to grassroots charities that give poor people the means, through education, training, and support, to transform their lives.

I have done unskilled factory jobs, kitchen porter (washing up and cleaning), and loo cleaner. But I was paid a legal wage. The system of having an agent (read criminal gang) between the worker and the company is what keeps contract workers poor.

The system is part of the same ill-perceived privatisation cum outsourcing philosophy of Thatcherism. It needs to be ended. Employers must end the profit-above-ethics ethos and get back to dealing direct with every worker in its operation.

As to low-cost accommodation, immigrants need at first to share a house or flat. Otherwise, no money can be saved. The authorities are down on this multiple occupation, preening themselves that they are stomping on an abuse. Rubbish! Multiple occupation is part of the pulling yourself up by the shoe laces, aka the start-small, routine.

It is criminals extorting money from effective slaves, calling it rent, repayment of fares, payment of interest on the loan, or anything that comes into their vile criminal heads, who are the ones that need to be stomped on.

Of course, things would be better on planet Earth if the Judaeo-Protestant-Humanist people were to breed as prolifically as they used to, as as people of certain other, reactionary faiths still do. Modern civilisation seems to be committing suicide.

What a disappointment the United Nations Organisation has been! It is only slightly older than me. It was supposed to be the answer to all such human problems. But it simply became a talking shop and excuse-maker of the loony-Left, rejecting truth in favour of lies and fantasy.


One Response to “Underpaid cleaners of the night are slaves.”

  1. Vincent January 3, 2011 at 9:17 pm #

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the ONLY way the horrible imbalance between the obscenely-rich and obscenely-poor could EVER be rebalanced would be a World Government. I.e., like the UN – but with TEETH and BALLS!

    But sadly, the Big Boys who run (after a fashion) our planet will NEVER allow it. Their greed and self-interest will ensure the poor REMAIN so – until The Revolution. And their secret services will ensure THAT never happens EITHER…

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