Tea and/or Football (soccer) NO! Interweb YES!

3 Aug

FROM Vincent

[In response to Beyond monochrome cloud.]

Thanks – it was a rambling piece (Corny is “reflective”) which did a “BBC Radio Two link” between two totally different things – a genuine anecdote from my Dad that had amused me – and a memory of how I got stuck with 24-hour digital time-telling!

This World certainly IS getting smaller. Of course, there are still backward outposts with no infrastructure (like Cambodia – next door) but in countries like Thailand, you CAN get a decent cup o’ tea (actually, I detest tea) – from TESCO, yet!

And thanks to the satellites, I get UK and US TV – including all the Premier football (which I don’t watch, cause I detest footy almost as much as tea!)

Plus with – now – four-and-a-half Megs at my disposal and having two years ago FINALLY succumbed to the lure of the Interweb – the World is my lobster (like f’rinstance – I couldn’t remember the END of that phrase – so I opened a second window, Googled “minder – sayings” and found it INSTANTLY!)



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