London, night-bus, Evening News.

4 Aug

FROM Vincent:

[Response to night bus mention… ]

I recall how USELESS those buses were if you were exiting (nay – staggering from) a late-night venue, looking for a ride HOME.

I soon realised they were really only for certain night-shift workers.

You only actually had three options for getting home from a club – an expensive taxi – driving yourself (a year’s BAN – and ten years’ of sky-high insurance premiums – if you got caught) – or WALKING.

As for that Standard – for DECADES, the liberal Evening News and right-wing Standard fought each other.

I even have two headlines – one from each – from the same issue. One banner proclaimed “Strike Hits One Million Pupils” – while the other went with “Two Million Children Affected By Strike”!

Side-by-side they sat on news stands – looking ABSURD!

The Evening News had one advantage over the Evening Standard – it was a much better paper.

But the Evening Standard had a different advantage – it was TABLOID-sized.

To this DAY, I cannot understand why readers of QUALITY papers have to endure struggling with BROADSHEETS. The tax-per-page system that created them ended CENTURIES ago.

But this stupid tradition means commuters (who must form more than half the readers, surely) have to endure the ire of fellow travellers – and the laughter from same, when the wind SWOOPS away their reading matter.

In the case of the Evening News, they FINALLY went tabloid about six months before they “merged with” (were eliminated by) the Standard. Too little – too late.

I once sat in one of those black-and-yellow Evening News CA-Bedford vans on a DELIVERY run. Very exciting. But that’s another story!


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