Vincent set day-track-suit fashion!

4 Aug

FROM Vincent

[Responding to Brum Evening Dispatch ]

I LIKE “pants” as slang for “rubbish” – but of course, this is ENGLISH slang – and refers to UNDERpants! Thus – smelly, not good (thanks to lack of heating and proper bathrooms, people WASHED less in England in the past – remember those tin baths in front of the fire?)

However, in their striving to Americanise our language, our Colonial Cousins use the word to describe trousers (pantaloons? – which also means buffoons!)

And now, someone has adopted the word trousers to be pejorative. Clever – and apt. I too would prefer robes – in fact, it was I who started the fashion for wearing comfortable track-suits as day-wear, back in the early Nineties (true fact).

Then the rest of the World caught up with me – then came Shell-suits (until they became passe) then back to track-suits (mostly now just bottoms) – then the kids added hoods to ’em and f***ed the whole thing up!



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