Governments paint us into corners.

6 Aug

FROM Vincent

[Response to: Deal: A Work In Progress. ]

When I were a lad, we looked forward to a U-topia – where automation had done away with the need to work in mindless, tedious jobs.

But to make that utopia a reality, governments need to ACCEPT that “full employment” is a nonsense and gradually REDUCE working hours and YEARS.

However, the reality is they STILL talk about “job-creation” and try to push the age of retirement BACK.

Yes, I know all about market forces, the ridiculous cost of company vehicles and employee insurance, plus a whole host of other corners we’ve painted ourselves into.

But if we ever want to ACHIEVE the utopia we dreamed of, governments need to look at the WIDE PICTURE – not just patch up the ever-increasing HOLES in the current DISTOPIA we’ve created!



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