British-Pathe 1896-1976: Mission Completed! There it is! Out-takes too!

11 Aug

After Jay found an ideal apartment, here in the Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch conurbation, to serve as his new UK base, there were moments of relaxation in which to chat, before the westward roll of the wheels, Plymouth-bound. My friend said:

“When I first looked, recently, at…

… I was amazed at the quality of the site. Mission completed! There it is! The whole shooting match!”

Four guys, including Jay, and three gals, worked at Pinewood for many moons, transferring Pathe News, including Pathe Gazette bulletins, and Pathe Pictorial features, from 1896 to 1976, from nitrate (pre-1950) to safety film (after 1950) onto digitized tape.

Then it was the job of the geeks to ingest the many-years-worth of images to server.

After the team of eight finished their work, accessible on the original website, they were included in the Credits . Now, on the magnificent and COMPLETED website, Jay and his pre-geek technician buddies, do not appear to be credit-worthy any longer. They are left out.

The skilled part of the job done by Jay and his colleagues was Grading, which means  getting the best out of the news footage, which was, after all, taken in imperfect circumstances of lighting and stability.

We are talking about 35mm film, shot, at first, silent with sub-titles, then talkie, and on into colour when it was necessary to go one better than television.

But possibly the MOST SATISFYING THING for Jay is that the reels of out-takes were kept, and when he identified them for what they were, he gave them full attention and recognised excellent images and coverage in them, and, now, there they are ON THE SERVER!

Because the preservation and transfer task, of the Pathe News product, was accomplished with the help of public money, we get to see it free and clear. This is unlike Movietone who require you to register. They need you to pay for their product…

I hope Jay has time to Comment fully in the space below!


One Response to “British-Pathe 1896-1976: Mission Completed! There it is! Out-takes too!”

  1. kateshrewsday August 11, 2010 at 5:53 pm #

    So do I, AMAZING resource, thanks so much for all that painstaking work.

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