Sex education in schools. Yes, naturally!

12 Aug

Priests, also known as witch-doctors, have for aeons led, or followed, mobs in atrociously murdering anyone who appeared to be, or was, different.

The victims might be hated for being intellectually superior. They might exhibit joie de vivre, rather than submission to an imaginary guy in the sky. They might fail to fear imaginary hell-fire.

There ARE no unseen good, aka healthy and constructive, forces. There ARE no unseen evil, aka sick and destructive, forces. There are only people, some mentally healthy, others mentally sick.

Secular psychologists, dedicated to Reason and observational science, studying human behaviour, its origins, its motivations, its effects, and so on, are the people to trust, rather than the faith-mongers in funny clothes.

Secular psychiatrists, similarly basing their judgements and activity upon Reason and observational science as they treat humans who are mentally ill, are the ones to trust, provided they are free from back-sliding into faith-originated fantasy, such as Rock-stars bring back from squatting sessions in the East.

The perverse superstition that a person can be possessed by an evil force is, at its best, an ancient attempt at an explanation of what, in a modern-day medium, Robert Louis Stevenson brought forth in his novel The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde, where he, wittingly or not, consciously or sub-consciously, constructed a metaphor, not about drugs, but about sex gone wrong.

What seems to me to be consistently missed is the real message of the RLS novel. Whether Robert himself was aware of it or not, as he laboured on, despite illness, in his house over-looking the sapling-filled Alum Chine in Westbourne, we are talking about what happens in sexual intercourse.

Some people are fortunate in their nature and nurture. They progress from the onset of puberty through a process of developing a loving relationship with a member of the opposite sex. Sexual intercourse is a healthy, mutually-serving deal.

Other people are unfortunate in their heredity or environment. They crawl from the onset of puberty through a slimey swamp of sadistic fantasies. They are incapable of a mutually-serving sexual relationship. They are only aroused by the thought of dominating and causing-pain-to the object of their arousal.

Their lonely adolescent masturbation based upon sadistic fantasy leads either to a life wasted but harmless to others, or to a life of criminal abuse of those weaker than themselves.

Sod-all effective is DONE by ‘society’ because sod-all is UNDERSTOOD by ‘society’. Tell them and they deny it. They might recognise the truth and say “I don’t wish to know that!” Or they might be so cut off from reality (such lucky people!) that their response is utter bemusement, as well as revulsion.


One Response to “Sex education in schools. Yes, naturally!”

  1. Vincent August 13, 2010 at 6:43 am #

    I usually give you “five stars” as a FRIEND (and my own comments five stars for a LAFF) but the five stars I gave you for THIS piece are SERIOUS. Excellent work, Cy.

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