The Bull’s Head, Barnes, for Jazz in London.

13 Aug

FROM Vincent

[Response to Saxuality in Westbourne… ]

When I first moved down to London, I frequented some GREAT Jazz pubs – with some GREAT British Jazz musicians playing in them. But by the end of the Seventies, most had GONE (the PUBS were still there, but the JAZZ had gone).

The only venue left was one of the BEST – The Bull’s Head, Barnes – but thanks to the problems with Hammersmith Bridge, it has often been unreachable from North London.

I looked it up on Wiki and it seems it’s okay at the moment – but the bridge has had problems since the Victorians built it. The IRA have tried to blow it up twice! P’raps they don’t like Jazz!


[FROM Cy Quick 2 January 2011: What a super location for a pub! I wonder if people wander over the road with their pints to the railings on sunny days. ]


One Response to “The Bull’s Head, Barnes, for Jazz in London.”

  1. Vincent August 14, 2010 at 5:46 am #

    Ah! Now this was what I was TALKING about. These pix are RELEVANT to the STORY! Nice to see the old Bull’s Head again – although what happened to one of its “L”s?

    At least it wasn’t an “R” – otherwise I would feel duty-bound to do Peter Cook’s gag about the “R” being blown off by the wind – “When it’s windy, me “R”s often blows off!”

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