Vincent explains out-takes and UFOs.

16 Aug

Vincent has visited the Pathe archive on-line. He points out that outtakes are just footage that was not used. So many blooper shows are on TV, that people imagine all outtakes are funny – but most are mundane.

In a similar way, Vincent says, “…you hear twits asking people Do you believe in UFOs? ” He points out that “…a UFO is simply an Unidentified Flying Object. It might be a plane, helicopter, hot-air balloon, balloon, ball lightning, a flock of birds, a funny-looking cloud, the planet Venus OR a Flying Saucer…”

As Vincent says, “…the question SHOULD be Do you believe in flying saucers? – or, more accurately – Do you believe that extra-terrestrial spacecraft have visited Earth?

Of course, Vincent is, correct: and the answer is NO. Mindkind from other star systems are NOT visiting System Sol in our time of international News TV, and planet-wide instant communication.

Nor in past milenniums, unless purple people popped in and had a shufty and then shifted their ass away again. The people who fonDaniken-ise about pre-technology stone age jokers and jerks making it all happen with secret stuff that witch-doctors would agree enthusiastically with, if only they could read and write, are simply a waste of a human brain.


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