Vincent: Heathrow to Houston to win lottery.

28 Aug

FROM Vincent

[Response to: WW2 air-raid shelters gone…]

I once computed the odds of winning the Lottery with a single ticket in terms one could appreciate.

If you went to a shop and bought one ticket for each of the possible number combinations – then stuck them together in a long strip – the strip would stretch from London… to TEXAS!

Eight hours in a plane – at 550 MPH – following a line of Lottery tickets.

Also, since the odds of encountering a “major incident” on a plane are about the same as winning the Lottery, one should feel SAFE on that plane – unless, of course, one was taking a holiday, paid for with a Lottery win!

And then there’s the time I bought a ticket and sat down to watch the draw on TV. The first number was correct. The SECOND number was correct – now I started to get interested! The third number was – NEARLY correct (one away).

But then the FOURTH NUMBER was correct! I perked up again. But then, numbers five and six were also close – but no cigar.

However, just to rub my NOSE in it – the SEVENTH (“Bonus”) number was correct! But since that number is only relevant if you have five out of the first six, it was worth NOTHING.

So despite having what LOOKED superficially like a WINNING TICKET (four out of seven correct – and the others damn close) I only got what YOU got – a LOUSY TENNER!

In fact, even if my fourth correct number HAD been one of the first six, instead of the Bonus number – my prize would STILL only have been 94 quid – hardly retirement money!

So, I have a modification to the Lottery slogan – “It could be YOU…” – oh no, it bloody couldn’t!



One Response to “Vincent: Heathrow to Houston to win lottery.”

  1. kateshrewsday August 28, 2010 at 10:25 pm #

    We pay to dream….only to dream. Each fee buys a ticket out of reality from the time you buy it until the time the numbers are called.

    Great post, Vincent. Flights to Texas will never be quite the same again…

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