Brainy Obama's square image pleases morons.

1 Sep

FROM Vincent

O’Bama (unlike the last incumbent) has a BRAIN. Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume he does NOT believe in God, fairies or Santa Claus.

But he lives in a country where declaration you are an atheist automatically precludes you from the job of POTUS.

Thus ANY POTUS has to be either stupid – or a liar.

Then again, given they are a politician…

However, for what it’s worth (which isn’t much) from what I’ve seen, O’Bama is treading the middle ground.

He is too intelligent to believe in a religion – but smart ENOUGH to PRETEND to – or at least give LIP service to it.

But then, what else can he DO – when half of The States is dominated by Bible-thumping right-wing morons?!



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