'False claims' of the global warming shamans.

4 Sep

Daily Express, London, Tuesday 31 August 2010, reported on the finding of the review by the Interacademy Council (IAC) of the [nonsensical, loony-Left, Marxist-fascist, Green-fascist, anti-business, anti-technology, psuedo-scientific] claims by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).


The IAC [good guys and gals] found there was little evidence for the claims of the IPCC [bad guys and gals] ‘global warming’ [bandwagon]. The IAC review began after IPCC [embarrassed themselves, in an orgasm of self-righteousness] by claiming that the Himalayan glaciers could melt by 2035.

First, they mixed up their own data, having intended to say 2350.

Second, the claim was made in a magazine by a little-known Indian scientist who has admitted that he was [carelessly] speculating, not reporting research.

The editorial opinion column of the Daily Express said:

Most sane people care about the environment but they do not take kindly to being lied to, preached at or needlessly frightened. Scientists must remember that their job is to present facts not scare stories.

My take on this latter-day prepare-to-meet-thy-doom mega-scam is that the whole driving force of these doom-saying climate-scare merchants is indeed money.

Low-grade science profession deceivers in white lab coats screw grants out of research budgets.

Low-grade politician profession deceivers in lounge suits screw salaries out of the public purse.

Low-grade news reporter profession deceivers screw fees out of careless employers.

Myth myth myth.

Money money money.

Click the link, to my Page entitled Climate Variation, on my sidebar.


It has MORE LINKS to Daily Express coverage of what quiet, hard-working, sane, observational scientists are stating in condemnation of their LOOK-AT-ME co-professionals with speculative and biased computer-modelling who tragically yield to the impulse to grab attention NOW regardless of posterity’s derision.


One Response to “'False claims' of the global warming shamans.”

  1. Vincent September 5, 2010 at 5:01 am #

    We just had the biggest flood in a decade here – but a lot of the weather speculation still belongs in the same bin as the story of alligators in the New York sewers (made up by a journo, on a slow news day – but then propagated as truth) or the Great Wall of China being the only Man-made structure visible from space (a misquote – taken out of context) – or any number of other urban legends that are utter twaddle!

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