Androids or Cyborgs? What AI will it be?

5 Sep

FROM Vincent

The concept of robots has been around a long time now – but they are STILL clunky.

If one cannot live with SLAVES (paid or not – and I certainly can’t) CYBORGS are the only answer.

Genetic bodies with electronic brains – and it’s only a question of time before someone builds one.

But then the problems will start. Souls are bollocks. The statement “I think, therefore I am – I think…” only confers complexity of thought on the thinker.

And sophisticated, LEARNING brain function is BOUND to be developed eventually. Which is when we will have “played God” and created LIFE!

And in so doing, will have simply replaced human slaves with MORE human slaves – except this time, they will be stronger and with less compassion than US.

And so, as Cy rightly says, they may well decide that as inferior beings – we are EXPENDABLE!

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