Day-1 of 1940 London blitz same as "911".

7 Sep

Nine years ago, when a small, amateur attack was made upon the United States of America, the President, George Bush 2, spoke on the phone to then National Security Advisor Rice.

Bush 2, who was somewhere in Florida, said:

“I’m coming back.”

Rice replied:

“You cannot come back here. The United States of America is under attack, you have to go to safety. We don’t know what is going on here.”

After a repeat of that exchange, Rice got motherly. She tells Channel 4:

“I said to him in a raised voice, and I had never raised my voice to the president before, I said: ‘You cannot come back here’. I hung up. The president was quite annoyed with me to say the least.

In a rich example of human stupidity, a whole crowd of people had crammed into the air raid shelter under the White House. Rice reports:

“There were so many people in the bunker that the oxygen levels started dropping and the secret service came in and said we’ve got to get some people out of here. They… …went around telling people that they weren’t essential and they had to leave.”

“Rice tells of Bush row after 9/11”

As many (civilians) were murdered by certain fascists on that day, in the USA, as were killed or seriously wounded on the FIRST DAY of the London blitz, 70 years ago, when I was within four weeks of being born. The Nazi air raids continued, day after day, night after night.

Later, the RAF and the USAF visited revenge, day after day, night after night, on folk in Nazi-ruled Germany, far more than had the Nazi-run Luftwaffe delivered on us.

Staying out of a gangster turf-war aka “royal-family squabble” could have saved Britain from becoming, by 1918, an old has-been, in serious debt to USA, down from being Earth’s biggest economy in 1914.

World War 2 could have been prevented, obviously, by generous treatment of Germany after World War 1.

And so on…


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