Little Noddy story that was dropped.

8 Sep

FROM Vincent

[Response to EDDIE ECHO on Famous 5]

I recall a “Noddy” book where Noddy is driving through the woods in his little red and yellow car – when a gang of Gollywogs leap out and stop him.

Then they strip him bollock naked and drive off in his car, abandoning little Noddy in the woods.

He staggers, naked, through the woods until he happens upon Big-Ears’ house.

He knocks on the door – and I can’t remember the rest.

This is NOT A JOKE. This book REALLY EXISTED – and yes, it WAS written by Enid Blyton, as one of the official series of Noddy books.

Of course, the book LONG ago disappeared from the series – in fact, today, no-one who hasn’t read it believes it EVER existed.

But I can tell you it DID – and it was pretty GOOD!

However, while I can understand publishers’ wishes to make MONEY from these classics from another age – I wish they’d leave them ALONE.

Updating them for this PC age will do the same to them as has been done to James Bond – totally F*** them!



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