Beaverbrook Crusader carefully ignoring some uncomfortable facts here…

17 Sep

Jay (my friend and personal news-watch agent!) has sent me another story, from Daily Express that I love so well for its attacks on criminal politicians, business-people, and bankers. This time the Crusader is on the case of, and in the face of, so-called workshy layabouts, who used to be called toffs, or aristocrats, or nobles, or gangsters…

…the number of people claiming the Jobseeker’s Allowance rose for the first time since January, increasing by 2,300 to 1.47 million.

Employment minister Chris Grayling said: “Today’s jump in employment, driven by the private sector, is good news but it doesn’t disguise the fact that the system the Government inherited is failing to get people on welfare into these jobs.

Private-sector employment increased by 308,000 over the three months. Experts noted that a surge in the number of students taking part-time jobs contributed to the increase.

…Hello! There is nothing new in the increase in PART TIME jobs. I have made the point in previous posts, and in previous (now-deleted) blogs, that the rise in jobless men in the 1980s onwards was no accident.

It was all part of cost reduction. Many men suffered the same fate as my neighbour in Lorne Park Road in 1995. He explained that he had been the sole person in a shop selling either Rayburn or Aga, I cannot recall which, solid fuel cooker-heaters. He was sacked.

Two ladies were taken on. One worked at about 60% his hourly rate in the morning. The other worked at about 60% his hourly rate in the afternoon. That is an actual example in my first-hand experience.

I say: excellent! Even things up a bit. Give the men a break. It was, and is, of course, necessary for men to chill a little, lose any silly archaic Victorian shame and guilt. Enjoy the life we were born to, as babies, before the work ethic was shoved down our ears.

From 1958 to 1982 I was able to find work as easily as finding a chip shop in an English High Street. With ZERO DIFFICULTY.

Then, along with a sudden boom in non-jobs set up BY and FOR ginks schooled in Marxist sociology, the allegation blossomed that I, and people like me, needed their HELP IN GETTING BACK TO WORK.

Excuse me! Hello! I never needed help BEFORE, because the JOBS were THERE.

I never needed help in JOB-SEEKING SKILLS. Employers are not fooled by fancy image.

In the new lean-mean down-sizing situation (much like those in past decades and centuries) I needed either for more jobs to EXIST, or for them to SHUT their mouths and let me ENJOY an early retirement on the dole.

This HELP NEED is PURE MYTH. When there were lots of jobs nobody needed help in the allegedly complicated business of finding work. That biz is, surprise-surprise, simple: You see a vacancy, you apply for it, and the personnel officer takes you on because, althpugh you are not Captain Marvel, you do seem to be tolerably adequate. When you cannot bear the tedium any longer, you flit to another job.

It is true that I never found the job that I, as an arty person with only one tiny talent, was fitted for until the age of 47. But it was an unpaid, voluntary number, and I was having another undiagnosed mental breakdown. I quit the work. It was poster display for an arts centre trust ticket shop.

Once (as I have mentioned many times before) I had to selectively enlarge by photocopy, from an A5 flyer, a usable monochrome element (the face of Charlie dressed up as his aunt or something) to supplement a batch of the flyers, not wasting the A4, A3, A2 stages, to add up to an impactful whole. It was my finest hour. Actually, it was my ONLY fine hour, ever, at all.

Now that the slack has been pruned from the job market, with smaller-is-better products (radiograms down to i-pods), via computers and automation, fewer employees are needed because each one is mega-more cost-effective, that is: vastly more generative of product or service, and therefore profit.

Nevertheless, during that period, 1982 to (my retirement in) 2005, the OVERALL number of employed was RISING. It was the number of employed MEN that was FALLING.

The ever-clever press dared not tell the truth: Men must say goodbye to automatic privilege and preference. And society must accept it when the job market increases part-time waged work to girls and ladies. It is natural. It is the market.

The loony-Left dared not tell the truth either. It is inconveniently inconsistent with their world view.

The truth is still not told. Except here…


One Response to “Beaverbrook Crusader carefully ignoring some uncomfortable facts here…”

  1. Vincent September 19, 2010 at 7:17 am #

    NO-ONE should have to work after they are fifty…

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