Vincent: can First World EVER have enough jobs?

19 Sep

FROM Vincent

[Response to Cy story about Alan Kenyon: Vincent said “Amen” and now…]

Actually, let me expand on that. After 25 years of toil (10 years in the same job) I knew I was headed for a work-related stress crack-up. I’m a strong person and had seen what it had done to others (the words “broken” and “horse” immediately spring to mind) – and decided it wouldn’t happen to ME.

It happens to ANYONE whose job does not CHANGE for more than ten years (the main reason for “advancement”) and you’re expected to HAVE your blow-up – then take the doctor’s pills and month off – and go back to work like nothing happened. But you’re never the same again…

So I WALKED AWAY. A convenient back-injury presented itself and so I dueled with the welfare system for the next seven years.

And since that time, there haven’t been the hours in the day. For me, life DID begin at forty (well, forty-two, actually).

Now fully retired at 58 (as I have been for eight years) I barely have time to finish thi


…One more thing. As I’ve writ elsewhere – thanks to the lowering of trade barriers, “outsourcing” and automation, NO developed country can EVER get back to Full Employment.

Unless it invokes one of two solutions…

Shorter working hours for all – but Britain’s outdated economic system won’t allow it. Nor will the cost of employing someone – thanks to car and insurance costs.

Or EARLIER government-financed retirement (the best solution – but Britain’s outdated economic system can’t AFFORD it).

But one thing is for certain. Unless Britain wants to slide ever closer to its OWN crack-up, its politicians had better ADDRESS the issue, instead of doing what they ALWAYS do: look only to the SHORT-TERM – or bury their collective heads even DEEPER in the sand and hope the problem will go AWAY.

It won’t.



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