Peace, Love, Understanding.

22 Sep

You will have seen the Freshly Pressed blog asking what is so special about Peace, Love and Understanding. Then, when you click, off it goes telling you that Lady Gaga is a rotten greedy rotter getting millions of Facebook fan hits when poor old Peace Day is practically ignored.

Peace, Love, and Understanding, can only happen when the various extreme religions on Earth, wake up to the fact that all their dogmatic beliefs are so much superstitious, witch-doctor myth, or a given nation frees itself from such an extreme religion. Great Britain, incorporating England, Scotland and Wales, successfully did this. In this instance, Rome was the vile enslaver. We threw them out.

But the freedom of our “Anglo” culture from superstition can only be maintained when entertainments and news media are taken over by sane and responsible people who provide nourishment for the mind, not poison. Reith built a BBC that was half way there, for example, because, between the wars, secular speakers, Shaw, Huxley, and Russel, for examples, were allowed, whilst vulgarity and superstition were curbed to a very high degree.

The record PEACE by Peter was played on Radio Northsea International as its theme…

Peace is a flower that grows in the sunshine. Its petals are raised to the sky. Peace is harmony, love, and understanding. Oh, why can’t we have peace all the time?

This is fine, provided that it is not taken too far. Too far is when nation states ban capital punishment and bad guys are not shot. If the good guys shot all the bad guys, there would be a minimum of atrocious crime. If they made me King of Earth (with a Youth pill to take every day) I would be delighted to fix it all for them.


One Response to “Peace, Love, Understanding.”

  1. Vincent September 22, 2010 at 12:04 pm #

    The one I feel sorry for is Lady Gaga’s husband – Lord Gaga.


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