Tony Evans was Tevve. I was Yehova.

24 Sep

Given the previous Post mentioning the new Theatre Royal, which opened in Plymouth on Royal Parade during the 1970s, I think it is time to offer up, one more time, the one I wrote in mydigest about the time I saw Fiddler On The Roof there.

I bought my ticket well ahead of time, reduced rate for dole recipient. On the day, I sauntered up to the front door and they said “This ticket is for yesterday…” So I had to pay again! I sat in F1, my favourite seat, simmering with anger at myself, as Tony Evans sang to the guy in the sky…

Tony played the character of Teyve the milkman, who, evidently, believed that there was a real Sky-Guy with a stingy attitude to the descendants of Adam and Eve.

But as Tony/Teyve faced down the (non-existent) spiteful creator (and demanded how it could possibly upset some vast mysterious plan if he, Teyve, were a wealthy man) Tony made eye-contact with me.

There I was, with a sea of empty seats all around me. The (respectable-sized) matinée audience were sensibly seated in a mass in the middle.

But the thing is this: in my normal, default state, of musing quietude and meekness, I would never have dreamed of keeping-up eye-contact with some dude who was singing on the stage. This time I did not shrink down. Nor did I scrutinise the back of the seat in front of me. My glare simply maintained itself.

At the end of the song, Tony gave me a last matter-of-fact look “…well…?” and I responded involuntarily with that lift of the chin and move of the head to one side which says “…what…?” and he mirrored the movement!

This was a response made by him on the stage acknowledging me in my seat! This may be routine for some but it was a new kind of moment for me. Such direct contact with the player! It was unheard of in my introverted banal life…

Then Tzeitel, the eldest daughter of Teyve, and her two girl-mates, did the song in which they dream about finding the right man. The real me kicked in and I cried my eyes out. At the end of the song my two handkerchiefs were spread out, one on each knee, to dry.

Tony/Teyve came back on, but this time, as he looked for a place to bounce off, I shrank in horror in my seat…

Mister Evans turned his attention to the real people and never looked my way again…

One Response to “Tony Evans was Tevve. I was Yehova.”

  1. Vincent September 24, 2010 at 10:42 am #

    “Sunrise, Sunset” always does it to me…

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